June 1, 2009

Fabulous and 40........... no we are not talking about me!

So my good friend Dixie Dot had her 40th birthday party on Friday. We went to a great local restaurant: Alligator Soul. It has a VERY Cajun feel, like you have just stepped in to the deep south. We walked in and were seated near the middle of the place but within great distance of the one man band and a table of 6 handsome gentleman!

First up, a drink order:

Just a side note: first time I have had a Lemon Drop since the night I ended up being escorted home from Crimefighter's house by Rocket and Dixie Dot geisha style!

Anyway, back to the party! It was time for our first picture. Now I know it is not becoming to be a camera snob but I sure was hoping this picture would turn out a lot better than it did. This is AFTER I fixed it:

Now a toast to looking FABULOUS at 40!

Those Sangria Sisters! Now back to those fine young gentleman at the table across from us. Turns out it was Chris' birthday as well! Well, the birthday girl decided to send him a shot: a Buttery Nipple! He sent a drink back to the bday girl: a Cosmo. The perfect chic drink right? So of course he had to come over and sit with us a while and I HAD to take a picture.

Isn't he adorable? He and his posse left soon after that to continue their celebration. So we ordered our appetizer, entrees and listened to the wonderful music. The platter that was delivered was to die for! Fried okra, deep fried pickles, hush puppies and sweet potato fries. Yum! Main dishes came and I had the Crawfish Etouffee:

Birthday Girl had the Shrimp Creole:

Crimfighter had the Pecan Crusted Snapper:

As we finished our meal, the chef came out. He was so sweet. Of course he had to sit with us a while we gushed like school girls about how good the food was!

After we indulged in the "Soul Bread Pudding 'n Bourbon Sauce":

It was so good I think we could have just ordered the drinks and dessert and called it good! One more pic:

Then off to 80's night at the casino to dance to Prince, Madonna and Tone Loc! A good time definitely had by all!


Lisa said...

You guys look so pretty! It looked like it was fun - wish I could have been there!

Banjo said...

We wish you were there too.

Amber said...

We have GOT to go to dinner there the next time I'm in your area! Oh yum! The food looks good too. =o)