June 18, 2009

1 sprained wrist, 1 bruised elbow and 1 LARGE dose of aspirin later:

As we wind down the Girl Scout year, we are doing all the "fun" things the girls voted on. These are the rewards they chose for themselves with all the cookie money the troop earned. Off to the local ice arena for a 2 hour skate session.

First off, helmets and a lesson on how to fall gracefully.

Now on to the ice!

Everything was going really well for the first hour. The girls were having a great time!

So proud of this girl! She was really nervous to get on the ice and she conquered her fear enough to skate one time around with no hands on the wall! Great job!
Some of the girls really took to the ice, others not so much. So as the first hour turns in to the second, the injuries commence. One of the girl was taken out by a skater receiving a hockey lesson. Landed on her elbow, which immediately started to swell, and her arm was scraped as she went down by the other skaters blade.

Accident reports, ice packs and several tissues later, off she went with mom to the doctor. Not even 15 minutes later, another of our girls lands hard on her elbow which also starts to swell rapidly. As we get everyone off the ice and get them something to eat, this girl leaves with her mom to the doctor as well.

No, I didn't take any pictures of the injuries. Geez! Needless to say, both girls are fine thank goodness! Elbow is not fractured or broken and the wrist was only sprained. Whew! We are not going ice skating with the girls again unless they all wear this:

Think I can convince them?

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Amber said...

How fun!!! Even if there were injuries. Just another story to tell.