June 26, 2009

Strawberry Festival 2009

Love love love it! Every year, with the exception of one, I have made it to the parade since moving to this town. they close off like 10 blocks of the main drag and floats, bands, dangerette's and local businesses march on down the road. Some pass out candy, give high 5's, spray whip cream in your mouth or just wave hello. I mean, how often can you lay out in the middle of the road?

Doodle is still very excited and has a great time at the parade. Lil C, not so much. I am even surprised he wanted to go this year at all.

I wave at every float, princess and parade royalty car that passes by. I, as you can see below, get my picture with pirates, dance the Macarena and Chicken Dance with the best of them.

The parade is supposed to be fun right? There are those fuddy duddy's who think coming to the parade is for the kids only. Well, they are wrong! You should have fun no matter how OLD you are. Age is just a number not a state of mind.

Good times are had by all at the parade. It is fun to be a kid for a couple of hours and remember the things that as a kid were so much fun.

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