April 20, 2011



is for Quiet Time

EVERYBODY needs this. I don't care who you are. You need ME time. Well, I need it. And since this is all about me.......... yeah.

Those times when you need a break from "mom, mom, Mommy, MOTHER, M-O-M!" When you need a rest from the chauffeur job, the laundry, dishes, Girl Scouts, school stuff, or the general "mom I need this, mom can you sign this, mom can you"....... fill in the blank days.

Who doesn't want to be me? Seriously?

My favorite "quiet" activities:

reading a GREAT book
taking a bubble bath (with a glass of wine)
watching my favorite TV shop, un-interrupted
going to my favorite stores
wandering down the craft store paper aisle........ drooling over what I either can't have, or shouldn't be buying
scrap booking with CHB
gossiping with my girlfriends

See, the necessity isn't that I be quiet. It's that time FOR me, about ME, away from all the other responsibilities, that I consider QUIET time. When I get to be selfish, thinking only of myself and whichever of the above activities that day that I have chosen to be my ME time.

I don't feel guilty about it either. You know why? Cause I need it, to be a better momma. It's like mommy crack. Except this time, it's good for you, a lot of these activities are free, and it won't make you shake uncontrollably from withdrawal. Well, you might foam at the mouth. But that would most likely occur from too little ME time.

So go forth. Yeah, I give you permission. Spend a few hours for yourself every week. You deserve it.

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