April 28, 2011



is for eXplanations

We all have to give them, receive them and wonder about them. They can make us feel relief, guilt, or amazement. You can tell when another person is giving you a truck load of b.s., or when they are telling the absolute truth, because there is no way that you could make up THAT eXplanation.

You can feel anxiety about having to give one, or total shame for your absolute lameness.

One of the worst to have to give.......... is to your parents. The shame! When you crawl in to the house, tail tucked between your legs, just knowing the shit was gonna hit the fan. Ok, racking your brain frantically, I wonder what I can come up with? What will they believe? You, being the young shit you are, think they will buy most anything, hook line and sinker.

If you are a parent, the second worst eXplanation to give? To your child. We have ALL gone back on our word. No matter how good of a parent you are. You have had to tell those sweet, puffy cheeked little cherubs that you are going back on your word. There is no lower feeling. You might well just have said you killed Mickey Mouse.

Then there are the stupid eXplanations we give every day. Why we say no to joining the PTA, or being the party planner for your child's team. Why you can't go out for a drink after dinner, go to a concert/play/movie or why you can't drop by a friends house.

We give childish eXplanations to your significant other. So that you can get out of doing whatever it is they want you to do. You know there is that ONE thing that your other half REALLY enjoys doing that you actually despise. You may indulge once a year, just to make the other person happy, but really? Your heart is just bursting with some stupid eXcuse as to why you can't do it today, this week or this year.

If you really take the time to think about it, I bet you can come up with several eXplanations per week that you give that are not 100% truthful. Wouldn't it be better to just say no?

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