April 4, 2011


Consistency. Something I struggle with. ALL. the. time.

Whether it be with my children, my Girl Scout troop, exercising or scrap booking; even blogging.

My problem is this: I have great ideas. No really, I do. My problem is the follow through. I will do so good for a while, and then something comes along and my attention is diverted and you can actually see my well placed plans flying out the window.

The one place I don't struggle with this??? At my job. Want to know why? Cause I am paid to be consistent there!! Ha!

I know that my children flourish, my Girl Scouts do as well, when I am consistent and follow through with everything.

I benefit from it as well, when I get out of my own way. I often think that if I had a personal assistant I could be the most consistent person you would ever meet. Since that is still a pipe dream, or will be until I win the lottery, I am stuck struggling on my own. Like everybody else.

Some people have pointed out before that this problem could be easily solved if I would let go of some of the things I am involved in. Yeah, not gonna happen.

I have cut way back in the last 2 years. I have been ruthless about it even. I know there is no need to say yes to everything, everybody, all the time.

I have started to make some changes so that I can be more successful in this area.

I add everything to my pocket calendar and my crackberry.
I ask people to follow up with me on items that require my attention. Sometimes the pressure of knowing someone else is counting on me can help me get my rear in gear.
I have also given myself permission to let go of that feeling that everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW.

As long as I follow through with my goals, then I feel that is being consistent enough. Right? Oi. I think I still have a ways to go.

On another note:

C is for CAMPING!
Which is something I love to do!

5 days out in the wilderness
All my friends and the kids
Fiesta camp feet
Spicy Beverage Bubba Keg
Yummy camp food
Wilderness exploration
Laughing so hard I pee my pants
sleeping outside
Funny camp shirts
Exhausted kids falling in to bed
Roasting marshmallows
My Coleman stove top coffee pot

Is it time to go yet?

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