April 15, 2011



is for M&M's

As far back as I can remember, M&M's have been a part of my life. And not in a "I ate them as a kid" kind of way.

My great grandfather was a HUGE fan. Pops, as my mom, sister and I called him, would eat a 2 pound bag E-V-E-R-Y week, somehow maintaining his stylish figure.

When he came to live with us full time when I was 12 years old, we would walk the mile and a half to the grocery store together. Pops, then 91, and I would walk and talk the whole way there.

When we got in to the store, we would head straight for the candy aisle. First thing in the basket was a huge bag of M&M's, and and not just any kind. Original milk chocolate was his favorite.

When he got to be 94 or so, the walk was too much for him. No more trips to the store alone, or with us kids.

We would buy Pops the "fun" packages that came out at Easter, Valentine's day and Christmas. Even though he was legally blind and could not see the cute graphics on the package, if you placed that bag in his hand he knew exactly what it was!

We wrote to the M&M company and told them of Pops' love for their product, they sent us a commemorative car with the red and green M&M driving it. Pops proudly displayed that in his room! Today, that treasure is something Lil C now houses in his room.

Doodle and Lil C always knew that when they went in to Pops bedroom they weren't leaving without a handful of those bright colored milk chocolate candies.

Today, the kids and I have a special place in our heart for this sweet treat. We eat them for breakfast on Christmas Day, buy them in all different flavors and always are on the lookout for special M&M treats.
I truly miss Pops, who left us February 2006. I am so thankful that Lil C and Doodle had the chance to get to know and love him like I do.

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Saralee said...

And I am so glad I got to meet him and visit with him. What a GREAT man!!