April 13, 2011



is for Knockout/K.O.

Yeah, that was my day yesterday. I woke up, got the kids to school, got to work. Everything was fine. On Tuesday's I only work until 2:30pm (because it's the day the kids go back to HeeHaw and we have Girl Scouts).

Let's just say that when I left work, in a great mood I might add, things quickly turned to shit. And I mean in a 0 to 60 kinda way.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with HeeHaw about Doodle. (and just so you know, I had this huge post all typed out that detailed the entire story. as I went to re-read it, the post sounded tedious and overwhelming......) I recently put Doodle in counseling and HeeHaw doesn't agree to it OR with it.
Because he decided that counseling is not important, he does not want to pay for it. Our children are "screaming" out for help. If it were up to HeeHaw, these problems would continue to fester and grow until they were out of control. Great.

Just add this to the list of things I pay for that the children do. We won't even go in to the fact that he makes 3 times what I make and yet can't afford any of these "non essential " items that I somehow manage to pay for.........

No, that wasn't the kicker of my day. Did it make me mad? Does he always manage to find a way to get under my skin and piss me off? Hell  yeah. But here is what K.O.'d me yesterday, and I went down in round 1.

Lil C is allowed to take PB's golf cart through the neighborhood to the bus stop. He picks up Doodle and another neighbor boy and brings them back. Well, yesterday he did just that. And then went back out with the neighbor boy, Josh.

Well, Josh and Lil C were goofing around on the golf cart. Not supposed to, yes I know. Apparently Josh had his scooter outside the golf cart cause he was gonna hop out and right on to the scooter when things went astray.

The scooter slipped in Josh's hand, hitting a parked car. It dented and scratched the car at point of impact. In his haste to recover, Lil C then scraped along the side of the car with the golf cart. O.M.G. Shoot me now. PB is pretty mad. He just bought that cart on Saturday. Josh's parents are pissed and all I can see are dollar signs in front of my eyes.

Myself and Josh's parents go over and talk with the person whose car got hit. I am currently awaiting an estimate to see what this is gonna cost me. I can only hope by some miracle it is less than $1000 since Josh's parents will be paying a portion as well. At this point I could have been blown over with a feather. It goes without saying that the golf cart is off limits to Lil C and Josh........

As I packed up the chitlins to take them to HeeHaw's house, I left it up to Lil C as to whether or not he wanted to tell his dad. I figured they are in enough trouble there, why add to it? We shall see what happens.
Cause when it rains in my world, it freaking pours.

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Saralee said...

Ahhhh . . . my poor boy! He is having a rough time!
Hope things start looking up for all of you!