April 16, 2011



is for "No, No, No"

Thank you Amy Winehouse. You crazy, cracked out, smoky voiced, beehive toting, tattoo-ed girly. For without you, this post would not be the same.

I am in to a new shop. "Relapse". Brother/sister to the "Intervention" show on A&E.

I watch Intervention any chance I get. I find myself sitting down and letting the show draw me in. As I watch the people who struggle with their addictions, I find myself pulling for these people.

I watch their loved ones pulling for them, praying that they take the help that is being offered to them. I wait, with bated breath, for the end of the show. The part where it tells me what happened to them after they left rehab.

I cross my fingers and toes. I damn near cover my eyes. And hear it comes. I want to say that in 90% of these stories, the people who enter rehab make it. They go on to lead successful, happy, fulfilled lives.

But for the ones who say: "they try to make me go to rehab, but I said No, No, No"........

There is the new show Relapse. The last stop on the Help Train. The end of the line. The grand finale.

Your heart cries out for the wives, children, girlfriends, families who have to deal with these people. They have poured their heart and soul in to helping their loved ones become clean and sober.

This stop, this is it. If the sober coach they have asked to come can not help, there really is no hope.

I thank my lucky stars every day that I don't have to deal with this. That my children are free of this disease that grabs you buy the balls and wont let go.

For more information on the show, please go to http://www.aetv.com/intervention/index.jsp

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Karen Walker said...

Hello there from one dysfunctional a-z participant to another. Nice to "meet" you.