April 19, 2011

~P~ (A to Z Blogging Challenge)


is for Proper, Polite and Politically Correct

Proper: defined as "appropriate to the circumstance" by www.dictionary.com

Well, proper I am not. (big shock I am sure) Every time I hear this word I think of being in some old stuffy house, being made to sit on the edge of my chair and sip tea from fine china, without slurping mind you, and having the most boring, insufferable conversation ever. All the while, trying hard not to plug my nose at the ever present smell of moth balls, having to sit with my legs crossed, wearing something that for sure is uncomfortable and surely cuts off my air supply since it undoubtedly goes all the way up to my chin, not to mention some cinching at the waist line.............

Polite....... let's see. I can be polite when I have to be. Definitely at work, since I am paid to be nice :), outside of that? I struggle. I have limited patience for other people's idiocracy, stupidity or general retarded-ness. I can usually hold my tongue until such offenders are out of ear shot, but sometimes? I can't help myself. Like the time CHB and I were ready to stage WW3 in the frozen food aisle of Winco.

This chick, at the grocery store with her man, 5 kids and 2 carts of groceries, kept blocking the aisle. I swear CHB and I were behind her every time we turned the corner. It was getting old, and fast. CHB and I had been out ALL day getting groceries for our group camping trip and we were on the last stop.

The frozen food aisle is in the home stretch of this store. The second to last stop before you hit the checkout stands. CHB and I were done, done, stick a fork in us both done. We had to grab some frozen juices and this lady was standing on our last nerve. Our feet were hurting, we were tired, and starting to get testy with each other. (we knew the worst was still to come: unloading the car and putting all this food away) CHB and I attempt to maneuver our cart around her gaggle of people and we couldn't. She was blocking the entire aisle.

CHB politely, albeit through clenched teeth, says "excuse me" and tries to get around her. This chick turns around, then says to her children: "apparently we are in this ladies way". And SHE was testy about it! CHB rounds the median aisle and turns around and says "well maybe if you weren't blocking the entire aisle we could get around you". Holy shit. I thought there was going to be a throw down right there! Although, I was totally there to back up my homie. All 5 feet of me, was ready to land some punches on this white trash, low income, tramp stamp sporting bitch......... at the grocery store. I can only imagine what that would have looked like.. oh wait. It would have been like a yappy lap dog taking on a solid and very pissed off pit bull. Ahem.

Needless to say, the lady dropped it and CHB and I continued our way to the checkout. All the while, I was secretly hoping this chick would say something to us. Go ahead, I double dog dare you. Anyway, catch me in just the right mood, and I am most likely gonna give you an earful. Politeness be damned.

Politically correct: Oh, this one gets me. I understand that in certain times, places or situations it can become necessary no to offend the people around you; like at work, for Girl Scouts, school functions or around small children. But what pisses me off? When I have to taper what I say for fear that the people around me are going to be offended, even though it is my opinion. Like in a social situation: a party, on Facebook, in an email.........

I am not asking you to agree with me, carry my torch or jump on my bandwagon. Yet, other people take it upon themselves to let you know that you could be offending someone. Well guess what? If that person, or persons, are so offended, let them have enough balls to come to me and say something.

I'm tired of worrying about what other people say/think/feel. How about what I think or feel? How come I can't say what I want but other people do it all the time? Yeah, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


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Lisa said...

smokin it now :) Great post! BTW, you used my real name....