April 21, 2011



is for Reality TV

I am officially a reality tv junkie. It's like my personal version of crack, and I must get my fix.

Here is a must for me:

AND.......... the Bachelor. Thanks to PB for getting me frickin hooked!

I have been watching Idol since season one. Go ahead, test my Idol knowledge. i double dog dare you!
Top Model? Who doesn't love Tyra? Her talk show is absolute garbage, but I can not walk away from Ms. J and Mr. J...... I love seeing how a regular, plain Jane girl can transform in to a high fashion model with a little hair, make-up and wardrobe change. Oh yeah, a little camera trickery too!
DWTS? I love, love, love to dance. One of these days I WILL learn how to salsa.... pause here for imagining me dancing the salsa across the dance floor in some hot little number, shaking what my momma gave me. Now, back to the show! I love to see these celebrities learn and grow as they take on each new dance. Their confidence and performance take off after they get a few dances under their belts..... family fun for sure. Doodle and I like to watch together. Lil C, not so much.
Survivor: Ok, take a bunch of young, good looking adults, throw in some retired folks and uber professionals, a few hillbilly's and strand them in a deserted area with very few rations and what do you get? Why Survivor of course! Depriving these people of food, shelter, and all the creature comforts of home, throw in some master manipulation and you have a recipe for great tv!
SYTYCD? The people who make the finals for this show are amazingly talented. Some of the dances that they show evoke great emotion. They do everything from jazz, contemporary, salsa, ballroom, hip hop and ballet......... try it out.

The other shows I like, but are not a do or die if I miss them?

So, which ones are you addicted to? What do you HAVE to watch?

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