March 12, 2010

This goes out to all the tweeny boppers of America

You are being put on notice. That's right. By ME. Those of you who are American Idol fans know what I am talking about. How in the world Paige or Katie could have been put through over Lilly I will never understand. I really appreciated Lilly's attitude about what happened and I hope to hear some music from her very soon.......

As far as the guys go: mostly not surprised. With the exception of Tim Urban over Alex Lambert. Tim has ONE good week and America is ready to back him 100%, or at least enough to get in to the top 12. Whatever!

I purposely waited until Top 12 week this year to vote. Mustake on my part? Maybe. Although I doubt that my couple of votes would have made the difference.

My favorites go as follows: Crystal Bowersox, Andrew Garcia, Michael Lynche and Lacey Brown. I am interested in Lee Dewyze proving me wrong and wonder how far Aaron Kelly will go. I like Siobhan Magnus but am not sure how America will respond to her now that there are only 12 people left.

So, those of you who are 12-18 years old with nothing better to do than drool over the young boys and girls who are gracing the idol stage, AND who think texting 90 words per minute is a required life skill, WATCH OUT. Look where all of this got you last year. Let's review shall we? Kris Allen voted as American Idol over Adam Lambert. Hmmmmm. Wonder whose album sales are doing better? Whose album are MOST people interested in? AND who is getting more press? Why don't you think about that instead of who you think "looks" better on camera? Texting is a privilage not a right people. Use it wisely.

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