March 19, 2010

Frickity Frack

CHB, her hubby, kids (PIA and HOW) and I all headed to the school lottery last night. Doodle called me and said she wanted to go to the choir concert and wanted ME at the lottery instead. So I went. And oh man, you could cut the tension in that room with a knife. There were only 58 spots open to incoming 6th graders and the school only has room for a  total of 170 students between 6th-8th grade.

We were given the master list of kids when we walked in. Each child was assigned a number and there was a corresponding number chip on the table. Once everyone sat down the numbers were put in a box. There were 95 names on the list. It was random draw selection to see who got those 58 spots.

I did not realize how nervous I would be. My heart was beating rapidly and my palms were sweating. The numbers kept getting drawn and none of them were "76" for PIA or "80" for Doodle. It finally got to where all 58 were filled and they took a break. Lots of tears and tension in the room......... the principal let us know that if you made it to the first 10 on the waiting list that you still had a chance to get it.

I look over to CHB and she is distrught and poor PIA can not hold herself together. She had been nervous/anxious/nail biting from the get go but now tears were streaming down her face. We left the school and started to drive home to the sound of sobbing from the back seat. It was hard to listen to..........

I called Doodle when the concert was over and told her she did not make it and she cried. It felt awful to be the bearer of bad news but I am thankful she was not there. I am not sure she would have been able to hold it together.....
I am glad that both girls did not make it because I could not imagine what it would do to these girls and their relationship, especially since they have been best friends since age 2.

CHB was devastated and I did not know how to console her. Due to the way this school is set up it would be the BEST place for her child to be. I can only be thankful that PIA has CHB as a mom. She will be her advocate and make sure that she gets the best of whatever comes. My heart hurts for these two. I wish there was more I could do, I wish there were more schools like this, and I wish I cold wave my magic wand and make it all better. It is not the end of the world that these girls did not make it in to this school, but it is a low blow.


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Sorry they didn't get in. At least they will still have eachother to go through junior high together at the other school.