March 18, 2010

Junior High

So Doodle and CHB's daughter PIA have this amazing opportunity for Junior High here in Mtown. There is a very small learning community Junior High that is accepting applications for the 2010/2011 school year. This school is different from the standard middle school in that for 6th, 7th and 8th grade all students will have the same teachers for all subjects. It is a great way to attack teaching because in 6th grade the teacher can identify a particular child's learning pattern and then apply that all the way through 8th grade.

There are over 100 applicants so far and there are only like 50 spots (I assume that is how many 8th graders are leaving the program). So what they do in this instance is hold a lottery. Well, that is tonight. Doodle and PIA have a choir concert tonight as well and Doodle has yet to decide which she would rather be at. The choir teacher gave the girls the all clear to do either.

Now here comes the fun part: because there is a lottery each child is assigned a number and the numbers are drawn random fashion like Bingo. Both girls could get in, both girls could not make it, but what if only ONE of them gets in???? CHB and I have both talked with our daughters about this possibility and they both say they understand but do they really? These 2 have been stuck like glue to each other since the age of 2..... it breaks my heart to see the anguish on their faces already about this.

That all being said, if neither one makes it, they will go to a perfectly fine Junior High here in Mtown. They can play sports and take music or art, just like they can at the other Junior High. CHB and I both feel our children will accel in the smaller community.
My personal hope is that Doodle decides to go to the lottery and not the concert but I will respect her decision no matter what. Who knows? What if she is not able to handle watching the lottery? So to all of you in blogland, cross your fingers, your toes and whatever else you got. Doodle and PIA need it!

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