March 5, 2010

You are now entering the Twilight Zone

Seriously. If you read the last post, take that and multiply it by 10 and that has been my week.

Rewind to Saturday night, and the phone call from HEE HAW, this is what started 5 days in a row of crap. I was accused of checking in to his "business" and having other people checking on him for me as well. Dude, when are you going to get it through your thick head that what you do is of no concern to me unless it affects the kids?????

Monday: Started to feel sick, worked all day, drove like a crazy person to get to my CPR class on time only to have it be cancelled and NOBODY told me. Jeez!

Tuesday: Worked 1/2 day and went home sick. Got another call from HEE HAW asking if I could, when I dropped the kids off that night, make sure that Lil C had his phone, computer and DS. I said a HELL TO THE NO! He is grounded! Does a call from the police not warrant being grounded???? HEE HAW says, and I quote, "Well you and Lil C butt heads all the time and he is always grounded at your house". Excuse me? Where is this coming from? "Well, I want Lil C to bring his computer because he said you always type to hard on it and, one time CHB used Lil C's computer and got the keyboard sticky." Are you fricking kidding me? The he continues on with "This is MY weekend with the kids and I want to be able to at least have ONE fun day with them." W.O.W. I could have sworn that getting caught by the police was enough of a wrong doing to be grounded at least a week or two. Maybe I am not quite up on the parenting as he?

Wednesday: Home sick, miserable, slept off and on all day.

Thursday: Home sick again, slept in until 11:48am. Felt much better after that. UNTIL, you guessed it. Once again HEE HAW managed to fuck it up. Here is the back story: Lil C has to turn in a form to the school today deciding what "career path" he would like to take for his education in our local high school system. Whe we first heard about the choices Lil C decided he wanted to go to school of Entrepenuer. After receiving the detailed informational packet that was sent home with all the students, Lil C decided to go with the broadest form of education called Pathways. (Now back to Thursday) When HEE HAW came to pick up Doodle's Girl Scout vest for her cookie site sale that night, he got upset because I had filled out the form according to what Lil C told me. Then for the next hour HEE HAW proceeded to to harass me via text messages, while at the cookie site sale with Doodle, all about how I was manipulating the situation. I offered to sit down with HEE HAW and Lil C to discuss the school options after they got back from the cookie site sale but no dice.
Needless to say I am frustrated, but thanks to the help of CHB I managed to stay calm throughout this lovely exchange of words last night.

Friday: I came to a huge realization this morning. (I am feeling much better and am back to work.) I can now recognize the pattern of our marriage. HEE HAW is so selfish and self centered that any problems we had were always my fault. Now that we are almost divorced, the same rings true. And guess what? I bet I will be his excuse for when anything goes wrong in his life. Ya know why? He must not own a mirror that reflects his true self. Otherwise he may be forced to admit that he needs to shoulder some blame as well. Food for thought? No, he doesn't like the way HONESTY tastes.


Anonymous said...

Dude - you have to change Hee Haw's quotes from red to another color! When Jesus is speaking in the Bible, His quotes are in red, and we all know that Hee Haw is not Christ like!!!

Crazy Mom of 2! said...

I can't even begin to understand, but I can say that I love you and you are one strong lady!!! Rock on sista!!!