March 15, 2010

Lil C and Doodle Update

So Doodle lost 2, ya count 'em 2, teeth on Friday night. She had lost one right after school while eating a Nature Valley granola bar. There was one right behind that which was loose as well. Doodle and Lil C were trying every trick in the book to get that other tooth out: twisting, pulling, tying string around the tooth AND the door handle to try and yank it out. Finally after 30 minutes of twisting she pulled it out! Now you see it, now you don't!

So Doodle says to me; "Mom, don't you think 2 teeth in one day deserves $5 from the tooth fairy?" In which I reply: "$5? That seems like a LOT of money to me for two teeth......" In which she replies: "Well I am worth it!" Aaaahhhh, at least she thinks so! And what do you know? The tooth fairty brought her $5 in quarters the next day!

Now, Lil C is another matter. That kid. He was grounded until Friday at my house. He finally earned his phone back and so far so good. I hope his time with the po-po of Mtown helped him realize he does not want to be anywhere NEAR them again. Fingers crossed y'all.

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CHB said...

Lil C looks exactly like you in the last picture! I don't see Hee Haw in there at all.