February 24, 2010

Divorce Sucks

Some days I allow it to get to me more than others, especially when HEE HAW is acting in his usual selfish ways. Later, after I have had a cheance to reflect on what happened I always wonder:

1. Why do I let myself get sucked in to his drama?
2. Why do I always try to take SOME responsibility for the situation even though I know it is not my fault?
3. Will I ever learn to walk away from the insults?

Well guess what? Thanks to the discussion CHB and I had last night I had a moment of clarity. You want to play hard ball HEE HAW? You want to live up to your name and be a complete and utter JACK ASS? Great! Bring it on because as of today, the war is on. You will not win and you will not walk all over me EVER again. Mark. My. Words.

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