February 24, 2010

Outdoor 2 Weekend

Well, CHB and I made it. We bitched and moaned through the entire 27 hours that we have been avoiding for 4 years and now we are DONE!

Friday night I was in bed by 10:00 pm (early for me) so that I would feel refreshed when I awoke at 6:15am. I had to be to CHB's house by 8:00am so we could be at camp by 9:30am.

It was COLD outside. And we were going to be out of doors for so long I think I packed every single peice of fleece clothing I own. Plus, 3 hats, 1 pair of gloves, 2 scarves and 8 pairs of wool socks. Not to mention 4 blankets on top of my sleeping bag.

Here was our cabin, thanks to a donation from Norstrom's:
Doesn't it look warm????
So, CHB and I took one look at this, a mere 15 minutes after arriving at camp and said to each other: If this is the bathroom we have to use, we are going home! It ended up there was some kind of plumbing problem and we got to use the bathrooms in the heated ranch house. These were on the agenda to fix......... eeeeewwwwww.

There were not EVER going to be enough of these to keep CHB and I warm. Here we are bundling up:

Watch out ladies: she has an ax and she is not afraid to use it!

Sunday morning rolled around. I slept pretty well except the mats did not have enough padding. The warmest I was the ENTIRE time was in my bed. All I wanted to do was go home. Here I am riding my broom after sweeping out the cook shelter:

All in all, I learned a thing or two but not anything I couldn't have learned in a heated room without sleeping outside. I am just super thankful it is over and CHB and I can take our girls camping without another troop along and we can have our OWN fire circle.

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Amber said...

I'm surprised nothing jumped up and grabbed you out of that toilet! Yikes! I'm glad to see you made it through the weekend. Now you are a better woman for it! Besides, you got to do it with a fun friend, and that makes everything easier.