February 1, 2010

Why I love my friends

I knew it was going to happen. In fact, as the children and I made our way home from a visit with the grandparents, I told them that if we got home and there was no evidence of it I would think something was wrong with my friends.

Well, I was not dissapointed! Across my front door was a "happy birthday" banner. We manage to get it off, our arms loaded with stuff, and crack open the front door, and I started to laugh right away!

I now have a "bed companion" courtesy of Miss Em and Stands with Wood! Isn't it awesome? And you have to love my skivvies hanging from the chandelier!

I did not get any shots of the entry or the kitchen, where every drawer and cupboard was open, but you get the idea! I love that my patio are was "knifed" by the Crimefighter!


Here are the balloons that I could not reach all the way up at the ceiling! Not to mention ALL the ones in the bathtub! The kids had a great time popping all of them last night!

Think this is a hint to get some photos in my frame?

Well, after all was said and done, here is what I was left with!

I just want to say I felt very loved! I have the best group of friends a girl could ask for!

P.S. Lil C went and picked up all the knives for me. When he came inside, he said "55 knives later"!
P.P.S. All the regular balloons fell this morning EXCEPT the Happy Birthday one! Wonder how long will it stay in the rafters!

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Anonymous said...

We had sooooo much fun and I am so glad that you took some pictures because we all forgot our cameras, that was lame. Not only that but we got inside and were very disapointed to find that we forgot the costco size bag of toilet paper to use. Very very lame. But you are loved and have a great day.
Dixie Dot