February 16, 2010

V-Day Weekend

Busy, busy, busy! Lots of running around this weekend: free swim at the pool, girl scout cookie pick up at the school (where we unload a semi truck FULL of cookies, remove from pallet and stack against the wall and then restack per troop based upon what they ordered).

Saturday we had our first hood dinner of 2010. Miss Em hosted and we had Mexican food.
Miss Em made this awesome corn salad. I have become a recent avocado fan and it was delicious!
CHB made this latered Jell-o dessert for the kids. It was really good.
CHB also made Stella's chocolate cake. It's all gone now.........
Of course there were a lot of these made as well. Good times in the hood!!!

The kids and I camped out at CHB's house overnight on Saturday and woke up on V-Day and made the kids french toast and bacon for breakfast. Then it was off to do the laundry and get the house ready for dinner because we had Grandma Betty coming!!! The girls helped me make Parmesan Chicken with green salad and rolls. Grandma brought with her an awesome Jello-O salad.
Chicken and all the YUMMY ingredients that go in to this awesome recipe!

Look at these adorable helpers!!!
PIA and Lil C helped set the table and get the drinks out.
After we stuffed our faces, and had some "rest" time, we brought on the desserts!!! Grandma brought her Scotcher-oos, and let me tell you that is like a party in your mouth!

Seriuosly, this picture does no justice to the wonderfulness of this tasty treat! For my contribution, I made cake pops from Bakerella 
Not as fancy hers but I got it done!

I had such a great time with the kids and Grandma. Seriously would consider doing it again!

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Amber said...

This post made my mouth water. First you said avacados, followed by that very yummy-looking layered jello salad, then you wrapped it all up with cake pops! AND I JUST ATE!!! I'm hungry all over now.
Looks lik you all had a great time.