February 18, 2010

American Idol Hollywood Week #2

Recap time: I was ONCE AGAIN dissapointed with several choices on the American Idol front last night. I feel this way every year, and I know you have heard it before but they REALLY got it wrong this year. Here is your top 24 America.........

Here is who I like for the boys: Andrew Garcia, Tyler Grady, Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly, Toddrick Hall, Casey James  and Jermaine Sellers.

Here is who I like for the girls: Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott, Siobhan Magnus, Lacey Brown and Katie Stevens.

Now here is what really chaps my hide. They sent people like Angela Martin and Thaddeus Johnson home and kept people like Janell Wheeler and Lee Dewyze. Lee needs an extra seat next to him for his ego. Janell was inconsistent during auditions and yet she got in over Angela? I always feel like they pick the people who are good looking or they think they can market and that's who goes through. Look at how well that has worked out for Kris Allen. No thanks.

Too early to call a winner but keep your ears open as it will come soon.

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Saralee said...

I love Aaron Kelly . . . he reminds Jack and I both of Colton. We both looked at each other the first time we saw him and heard him talk and said, "That's a Colton boy!"
Also love Lacey Brown and Todrick hall.
i think they sent a few wrong people home too!
We shall see!