February 11, 2010

American Idol Hollywood Week #1

Of course I watched A.I. last night! And Tuesday night as well. I love me some Idol time. I went to my friend Heather's house. It was so great to catch up with her: she just got married in December, so we looked at wedding photos. She made a beautiful bride!

Here is what always amazes me about Hollywood week: the drama! Seriously, these people are crazy! And there is always the group who can not get it together, no matter how hard they try. It is like a train wreck, you can not take your eyes away, you just keep watching.

Now, I am not so good with the names of all the people yet, but I fel dissapointed with a couple people they sent home. Once of my favorites was the dad who has the autistic son. He was in a group with 4 guys and they kept that Tom kid. NOT a fan of him. Hopefully he will be cut before the final 24.

I guess next week we will see the rest of the groups perform and then it will come down to Wednesday's show of who makes the final cut. This is always a nail biter for me. I know they choose some people becuase they are good for ratings, and other people because of their natural talent but the process always frustrates me. You know that the tweeny boppers of America, and me, will watch this show regardless of who you pick. Now, that being said: there was talk this week of Howard Stern being approached as a possible replacement for Simon in the coming year. Here is what I have to say about that: a hell to the no! That man drives me crazy and I would absolutely boycott A.I. if he was on it!

Ok, I am off my soap box now. Did you see any people during Hollywood week that are your favorites????

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Saralee said...

Howard Stern would definately put a halt to my watching "AI!" I am with you . . . cannot stand that man! Let's hope someone comes to their senses before he sits in Simon's seat!!