November 2, 2011

Day 1: I Am Thankful

Well, I thought I might as well jump on the "I am Thankful" bandwagon just like everybody else..........

So here goes!

Day 1:

I am thankful to be employed. Yep. To have a job. With a regular paycheck. And health insurance. Which allows me a roof over my head. Food in the cupboards and in my belly. And all of the things that money can buy.

There are so many people without a job right now. I am glad it's not me. Whether you like your job or not, at least you are better off with it then without.

We all bitch and moan about our job at one time or another. Complain about a customer, a co-worker, a crazy boss. I have done it before, and I am sure I will again!

But, in the current economic situation, I am more thankful than normal to be gainfully employed. And to know that the field I am in will never go away.

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