November 18, 2011

Day 14,15,16,17: I Am Thankful

Day 14

I Am Thankful: for Food

That I have enough in my cupboards and in my fridge to feed my family.

Thankful I know where my holiday meal is coming from this year, and that I don't have to stand in line at the food bank and hope there is enough to go around.

Thankful that my children don't know what it means to go hungry.

Day 15

I Am Thankful: for My Girl Scout Troop

These girls rock!

They are generous, funny, kind, and a sister to anyone in need.

I love them!

Day 16

I Am Thankful: Good Neighbors

So when you only have 3 eggs left and you break one of them?

You call your neighbor and she sends her hubby running over with one for me!

Which I handsomely rewarded them for. With still warm from the oven banana bread.


Day 17

I Am Thankful: for the time I had with my Pops.

He was a cool dude. The fact that 77 years separated us meant nothing.

He told me great stories, laughed at my dorky jokes and just loved being with me.

He loved to sing little "ditty's" and play the organ. Which I know have. And cherish.

He could barely see or hear my kids but he LOVED spending time with them.

He loved his M&M's, watching boxing on tv and riding the bus.

I am sad that he is not around for my (someday) grandchildren.........

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