November 22, 2011

Day 20: I Am Thankful

Day 20

I Am Thankful: for Email

I can get it at work.

I can get it at home.

On my phone.

I have a "spam" email, a business email, and a personal email.

Here is the BEST thing about email.......

When you get one that makes you mad/sad/happy, you have several choices.

1. Respond right away
2. Review, re-read and plot an answer
3. Draft a reply, then save and edit as more things come to mind that you want to say

Email gives you a chance to really review what someone has said to you.

Especially if they make you mad. Having an email means you wont forget what was said, AND what you want your reply to be.

Email can be toneless, which can make it hard to really understand and feel where the other person is coming from. The same could be said for texting......

However, most of the time we can get a general feel for what the sender is feeling and/or thinking when the email is sent.

Unless it's from HeeHaw. And then all bets are off.

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