November 9, 2011

Day 7: I Am Thankful

Day 7

I Am Thankful: for My Grandma

Today is her birthday.

She is a feisty woman, let me tell you!

At her age, closing in on 90, she still drives EVERYWHERE.

Grandpa about has a heart attack when she gets behind the wheel though.

She is a very aggressive driver for someone her age. She is sharp as a tack, and her eyesight is awesome.........

Which makes her feel very confident and superior behind the wheel.

According to her, no one in this country is a good driver.

She hates sharing the road with truckers, and she is NOT afraid to use her horn.

God help us all.

My mom is afraid to drive with her. Not because she thinks Grandma will hit someone.......... she is afraid someone will commit road rage against Grandma!

Just one of the many reasons why I love her!

Grandma is also one of the best box packers/space savers I have ever seen.

She can take a whole room of clutter and have it down to 3 boxes in no time flat. And nothing gets broken, bent or misplaced.

Seriously......... professional packers ought to take lessons from her.

She is also a SERIOUS coupon-er. Way before Extreme Couponing became popular on TLC.

When we used to live close to them, every Sunday morning we would sit at the kitchen table with her.

She would make her list, clip her coupons while sipping her coffee and we would plan the day's shopping adventure.

9 out of 10 times, she would get her coupon item for free, and in some cases the stores would end up owing her a penny.

I can still remember the looks on the checkers face as the transaction was complete........... utter shock!

So today, I wish my Grandma a happy Birthday! I love  you!

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