November 8, 2011

Day 6: I Am Thankful

Day 6

I Am Thankful: for Daylight Savings Time

I love it. I really do.

In the fall I gain an hour of sleep.

In the spring, its stays lighter longer, with the promise of summer on the horizon.

Cute story:

I woke Lil C up for school yesterday. He goes about his normal morning routine.

But as we are getting ready to leave the house (I drive him to school), he says: "Are we late?"

I say NO and he says "Ok good. I was worried I slept in too long because its so light outside!"

For the past month, every morning it has been pitch black when I take him to school.

I know Lil C struggles with the time change more than I do. Because, darker sooner means less time for biking around the hood.........

Oh well. Guess he will have to spend more quality time with dear ole mom.........

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