November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

 Lil C decided not to dress up and took PB's nephew around the neighborhood. Here is Gabe......... no Lil C in sight.

Doodle dressed up as a hobo this year......... her idea, her costume choices!

I answered the door in my witch hat of course! 

PB was as cute as ever in his mouse ears........ lol!

 Too busy running around to get any good pics with my camera, so crappy quality on these because they were taken with my phone.

We ran out of candy about the 730pm mark. We then started passing out all the Hostess treats.......... super ghetto but the kids seemed to like it! We were sitting in the driveway with the fire pit going. After Gabe and Lil C came back, they were too cold, Gabe passed out candy at the door.

8pm, and we were out of everything! Lights out, we stayed in the driveway with the fire pit for a while. It was a very hectic but successful Halloween!

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