November 22, 2011

Day 19: I Am Thankful

Day 19:

I Am Thankful: for the Sun

It has been ridiculously cold this week.

Frosty car windows every morning, bundled up to leave the house.

Saturday dawned cold but clear.

The sun was out! Doodle and I got ready and headed to the storage unit.

We brought with us all the Halloween decorations to put back.

Out come all the chairs and misc items stacked in front of the door, blocking everything in back.

This is all the Christmas decorations I have. 6 regular Rubbermaid totes, 1 extra large capacity Rubbermaid tote, 2 small Rubbermaid totes, 4 boxes and a 6.5 foot tree.

Wow. I think I may need to pair down this year.......... what do you think?

How may holiday decorations do you have? I know I can not be alone in having this much.......

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