November 14, 2011

Day 12: I Am Thankful

Day 12

I Am Thankful: for Creating Keepsakes

For whoever came up with this idea:

Go check it out here.

A whole 2 1/2 days of nothing but yummy goodness for the scrapbooker/card maker.

I registered for my classes back in August.

I anxiously anticipated this event. So much so, that Friday night I had trouble sleeping.

Even though I moaned about getting up at 6am on Saturday, I had excitement coursing through every vein in my body.

I grabbed my friend, we drove to the convention center, and entered the facility with complete awe.

Booth after booth of supplies and ideas. Things to make and take home, to buy, to salivate over.

Every major vendor of scrapbooking supplies is there.

After 2 hours looking at all the booths, which I only got through 3 rows of, it was time to head up to my classes.

3 hour long classes where I was once again inspired, taught new techniques and saw new things to do in my own scrapbook pages.

After I was done, I headed back to the vendor booths for another 2 hours of bliss. Seriously.

You could give your credit card a major workout in there.

I can't wait for next year!!!

I always have so much fun there. Check it out for when it comes close to you. Even if all you do is the vendor fair. It's worth going.

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