February 18, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey, what's goin on

I was listening to Four Non Blonde's this morning........


Anyway, update for all of the 3 people that read this thing:

PB has doctor's appointment today to find out results of his biopsy. My fingers are crossed. I can not be there with him, and am thankful that his bff (I'm sure he would be horrified for me using this expression :p) can go to the appointment with him. More on that when I know something........ Please, please, please send your best vibes his way.

Tomorrow I will be the owner of this bad boy:
I am SOOOOOOOO excited! I found a screaming deal on it, thank you Craigslist, and will be picking it up tomorrow morning.

Thanks to CHB and her sloooooowwwww computer I was able to file my tax return a few weeks ago and through the wonders of technology, said funds were deposited directly in to my checking account last week!

I have paid my rent forward a few months, paid off some bills, turned cable back on at my pad (much to the delight of the children's) and am in the process of purchasing some things that I want. Not need. Just want!

Since late October, I have been functioning with a camera lens that does not zoom in or out. Somehow, Lil C managed to drop the camera (shocking I know) and it broke something off inside the track of the lens. So, needless to say I have taken very few pictures over the last few months, which is weird for me. See here for details.

Anyway, I am in the process of finding that same lens as well as purchasing the other lens above. I have missed being a shutterbug and am super stoked to get back behind the viewfinder of my camera.

In other news:
I have an external hard drive.
Mine is very similar to this. It holds 500 GB worth of info. That should be plenty right? Yeah....... well, I went to access a file on it yesterday. Plug it in to the computer and guess what? Nothing happened. Great. I have all my digital photos on here since 2001. I have some important documents saved here, like the last 3 years of tax returns, and I have some music as well.

After the day I had yesterday (insert another round of lov-ah-leee-ness with HeeHaw, waking up feeling like a fat cow thanks to the pre-period bloat, and a hellishly busy day at work) now my hard drive doesn't work? You have got to be fucking kidding me.

So, I will be here this weekend.
Praying that the professionals can open and access all my files. If so, I will be backing them up to another newly purchased hard drive. As soon as I find one........ yay.

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