October 21, 2010

Camera "baby"

I own a Cannon Rebel EOS XSI. I am in L.O.V.E. with my camera. I'm not kidding. In the divorce I got the camera........ much to my delight!

2 weeks ago, Lil C dropped my camera. Poor guy, I hollered and yelled and cried about my camera as I inspected every inch of it. To my utter dismay, my lens no longer zooms out to the full extent. It is kinds stuck in the zoomed out position and that sucks for taking photos.

So, on Tuesday, I took my camera in to a local repair shop. The nice man behind the counter told me that yes, he CAN fix it. He should have the estimate for me by Friday and that repair would DEFINATELY be less expensive than replacement. That is great news, however I am not sure what his idea of less expoensive is.........

With a heavy heart, and a few tears, I left my "baby" behind. It is the worst feeling to know I can't take any pictures until tomorrow, even though I have nothing to take pictures of. As a budding shutter bug, I feel at a loss without it. Please, please, please cross your fingers for a VERY low repair bill, as I can't wait to be reunited with my camera. Sing with me: "reunited, and it feels so good. reunited and it's understood............"

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