October 1, 2010

My Birthday

Yeah yeah yeah. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, and I promise to get better about posting. Really. Don't believe me??? Guess I deserve that..........

Anyway, I think what I will do is slowly make my way through August and September so that by October, you will be all caught up. Ok?

My birthday was about a month ago, and I decided to work that day, and take the next day off. (I had the kidlets on my bday anyway, so this worked out perfectly!)

When I came in to the office, I was greeted by this on my desk:

Lovin these balloons!

Of course included in my birthday gift from my boss was my FAVORITE kind of spirit's.......... Three Olives. Yummy!

The ladies in the office got me some great cards, with some $$$$ inside and this de-licious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate filling and chocolate topped. Seriously GOOD stuff!

My co-worker let me borrow her tiara for the day. Don't I look smashing???? I also went to the DMV that day to renew my drivers license. Now, as cute as I was looking I thought I might be able to get my tiara in my picture, but the gal in charge made me take it off. Suckage..........

Anyway, after work I went to PB's house. He was making some yummies for me for dinner. And he is SUCH a great cook, let me tell you! When I got there I was greeted by a b-e-a-utiful flower arrangement........

They were so pretty! (they lasted almost 2 weeks!)

Because I had taken the next 2 days off, PB had a surprise planned for me. He told me to pack an overnight bag. We loaded up my stuff in the truck: (camera and case, overnight bag, extra pair of shoes, phone charger and purse. Of course all he had was a few items stored behind his seat..........), grabbed some cold beverages for the road and headed out.

It was a gorgeous drive, and I took a lot of pictures, all the while having NO CLUE where we were headed.

The sun was shining, the temperature gauge in the car steadily climbing as we headed east on Highway 2. We stopped first at the store/post office/diner and then continued our journey.

We stopped at the fish hatchery along the way. The sound of rushing water greeted us as we made out way down the steps to get a closer look. I took a lot of pictures, there is one of PB in there. (He thought I was taking a pic of the water.....)

I started to get an idea of where we were headed as we continued our journey....... final destination? Scenic Leavenworth! A quaint Bavarian town nestled in the mountains. I LOVE LOVE LOVE going there! One of my favorite places to visit is The Hat Shop

Of course I found the most delicious witches hat and PB took a picture of me in it:

We toodled around town, in and out of all the cute little shops, had dinner at Ducks and Drakes: yummy flat iron steak and Jaeger mashed potatoes..........

The next morn before we left I had to have my picture on front of the big sign........ got some passerby to take a picture of us.

 A quick walk in the river..........

 Isn't it gorgeous?????
 And a stop at the hatchery........... so many fish!

 We walked around the hatchery and wound up at the river again. BUT the coolest thing about being there was seeing the wild fish spawn right in front of us! If I could have captured the moment I would share with you but I was so fascinated by what was happening I forgot to take a picture!

As we headed towards home, coming down the mountain the clouds greeted us. We said goodbye to the 92 degree weather we left behind, and hello to the 66 degree weather we headed in to.

All in all, it was a most excellent birthday. It made turning another year older that much easier........

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Crazy Mom of 2! said...

Aww brought a tear to my eye!!! I'm so glad things are so good for you, it truly makes me happy! :)