October 28, 2010

Digital Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weekends ago the kids and I attended the Digital Scavenger Hunt. CHB put this event on. Here is how it goes: You break in to teams, arrive at the Clubhouse, bring your dish to share, camera and good attitude. CHB gives out the rules and lets you know when you are expected back, and then you are given THE LIST. Each item on the list is worth a different set of points, and the team at the end with the most points wins!

Lil C, Doodle and I scoured the list for what we wanted to do..... The countdown at the door commenced and we all scurried to our cars! The weather outside sucked: rain, wind and just generally gross, but it was no deterrent for the fun we were going to have!

 Bologna face mask

 Giving a stranger a dollar

 In front of the fish counter at the store

Thank you to the helpful young man at Safeway for showing Lil C the correct way to apply deodarant.........

 Behind the register at Taco Bell

 Wearing a dog callar, leash and on all fours at the local pet store........

 Doodle and I wearing the BEST lampshades that Goodwill had!

 Pink and red scarves......

Doodle and I doing the Bunny Hop in front of Goodwill. Good times!
 Everytime we saw a VW bug it got away before we could get out and take a picture! This one turned out to be the best anyway because of the license plate!!!

 Skateboarding, hockey or baseball anyone???

 Doodle at the local terriyaki joint with a container of sauce AND an employee

 New hats, courtesy of Fred Meyer's

This nice boy took pity on Lil C and danced with him in front of the bathrooms.........

You had to switch clothes with a team member.......... Lil C is really rocking that aqua tank top!
Once everyone was back at the designated meeting place, another team would check your pictures, add your points together, and turn them all in to CHB. Also, each team had to come up with a name.......... we were of course Team Wicked Witch!

Once all the points were added, a winner was announced. Team Salmon Egg Rolls! Each team had given $5 at the start so they won $55 buckaroonies. Way to go! The potluck commenced, everyone laughing and looking at all the other team pictures. The kids had a great time, I had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!

*****It was Team Leggo My Samaniego that won, NOT Team Salmon Egg Rolls******

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Team Leggo My Samaniego!