October 11, 2010

Relaxing weekend?

Let's just say I was more than happy to have this week be over with. It was just one of those weeks I don't want to repeat E.V.E.R. again.

Friday: NO SCHOOL DAY for the kids...... this means that I get calls left and right during the day. "Mom, can I go to ______ house and play?" "Mom, can I ride my bike to the park?" "Mom" "Mommy" "Mother......." AAAAAHHHHHHH! Lest we forget I actually have a J-O-B that allows me to put a roof over their heads.........

Ran around like a chicken with my head cut off when I got off work: pick up kids, drop off kids, go to the bank, library, grocery store then home; only to go back out to pick up and drop off kids, then head to Costco with CHB.

Saturday: Lucky us. Up again at 6:30am to get Doodle and Lil C ready for soccer games at fields about 20 miles away from the house. Up first: Lil C and the Orange Crush. The weather was cool but dry until about 15 minutes before the game was over. Then the rain came. Great. I am from the Pacific Northwest so OF COURSE I didn’t bring an umbrella. Cuz that's how I roll.........

Well, Orange Crush win the game (yes, back on a winning streak) and Doodle and I are now wet. We pile in the car and head 5 miles East to Doodle's game......... Lil C and I drop her off at the field, (the girls had to be there an hour before the game to do pictures) and head to the nearest Starbucks. I needed more coffee and Lil C wanted to use a flush potty. We walk in to the Starbucks and stand in line for our order. Lil C goes to check out the bathrooms and they are locked. It is a coded entry and they are having some technical difficulties with them........... great. I'm still waiting for my coffee, there was about 4 orders in front of mine.

This young gal gets her order called out, a Chai Tea, and she picks up her cup. She takes a sip, turns to the guy and gal with her and says "this tastes like water". She turns back to the barista and asks her if she put water in it. The barista replies yes, there is water in it. The girl then rolls her eyes and says, "Well I only want this much water and the rest milk. I didn’t realize I needed to specify. (in a super snotty tone). Can you re-make it?" At this point the guy with her says, and very loudly, "This is why I don't like Starbucks. Their coffee tastes watered down." Here I am thinking to myself, why the hell are you in here then? The barista fills a few more orders before she remakes Bitchy Tea Woman her Chai Tea. The barista calls out her order and BTW picks up her cup again. She takes a sip, and I swear the other people waiting for their drinks are all looking at her and holding their breath, and wouldn't you know it? BTW is STILL not satisfied with her drink! She rolls her eyes again and marched out of Starbucks stomping out on her high heeled boots, looking like the true yuppie she was............

Lil C watched this exchange and he was looking at me like "what the heck is wrong with that woman"? So I turn to him and say, "some people just aren't satisfied no matter what you do. If she doesn’t like the tea, guess what? She can go somewhere else.........." He laughs and we grab my coffee order and head back to the field where Doodle was.

Since we are ill prepared for the rain, we get totally soaked while watching Doodle's game. The Ice Breakers pull out a 2-0 win though! We race to the car and speed our way towards home. We are in the house for a record 12 minutes in which we: changed our clothes, hung up the wet jackets, spread out the wet chairs to dry, used the bathroom and grabbed our dish to share for the next event. A digital scavenger hunt! (More details to come in a separate post).

After the hunt, and a potluck dinner, we head home. Lil C was off to spend the night with his best bud, Doodle wanted to have a friend of hers spend the night. SO after another 20 minutes of drop off and pick up we are back home with 2 girls and I can finally sit on my rear and relax. The girls help me decorate for Halloween, after I relaxed for about 30 minutes, and they played until midnight.

Sunday: Nothing to get up early for............ oh thank goodness! I made the girls pink pancakes with chocolate chips and they had some milk. Of course I had coffee! After Doodle's friend was picked up we headed to my office to paint my co-workers room. Doodle played on the computer and kept herself entertained. 4 hours and 1 achy back later, we called it quits, and headed towards home with 1 stop along the way to pick up Lil C.

A blessed hot shower and 3 Advil later and I sit and relax for a while.... Doodle went to play with her friend, Lil C watched a movie and I read my book. Later that night I went over to PB's house. We sat and talked for a while and watched some tv. Ron White, the comedian was on. Best part? Hearing PB laugh so hard he was crying! He smiles a lot but I don’t hear him laugh like that and it was one of the best sounds.

As I lay my head down last night, I only had one thought in my head. Please, please, please let this week be better. Ok?

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