February 28, 2011


That's how I feel after this past weekend. Yup. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Busy? Understatement. Let me run this down for you:

Friday: 3pm: Leave work, grab Doodle, go to CHB's house, grab cookies, money, table and donation box and make our way to Value Village. Doodle had her first cookie site sale of the year. We were there for 2 hours to sell our Girl Scout cookies. I really HATE cookie season. So much standing, schlepping of cookies, all the money handling and the cold weather. Site sale over, head back to CHB's to turn in cookies, money and our table. Get Doodle some dinner, head home to start laundry and some general cleaning.

Saturday 730am: Get up for basketball game. Leave the house at 9:05am, to snow falling AGAIN! We go pick up Lil C, who spent the night at a friends house, get some coffee, pick up PIA and head to the middle school for our game which starts at 10:05am. After a well played game, we lost.

Head home with the chitlins in tow, grab some lunch and get down to the MESS in my living room. Doodle is fighting a cold so she heads for a nap. Lil C and I organize my storage space so we can move all that stuff out of my living room. We get ALL of it in there, except the bed. Still working on that.

3:15pm Doodle and I head out with cookies and money in tow to ANOTHER sale. This time, we are at WalMart. Usually, a great spot for us. This weekend? Not so much. Doodle and I stood there, under our umbrella's, in the freezing cold snow/ice/rain mix that was falling sideways from the sky. Our cookies were covered in the cart with a plastic tablecloth, and we stood there shivering. We made it an hour and 20 minutes before we threw in the towel. It was too friggin cold. Seriously.

I was frozen the rest of the night.......... Doodle went to a sleepover so it was just Lil C and I for the night. Continued with laundry and Moxie came over for some conversation and a glass of vino...... yum.

Sunday: Site sale at the local grocery store. We stood out there in the cold (at least there was no rain or snow) and sold more cookies.

Poor photo quality, taken from my cell but you get the general idea!

After our site sale, we warmed up, changed in to party clothes and headed to a birthday party. Yummy food, great wine and good conversation! PB made his awesome tortellini, I made bruschetta and my chicken dip. Our friends made lasagna, salad and a delicious birthday cake!

Here is what we saw when we pulled up to their house for the birthday party! Love it!

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