February 22, 2011

Henry the 8th,/HeeHaw

Today's post is brought to you by:

The letter H, and the number 9

Well folks. Big news around these parts. Henry the 8th/HeeHaw has proposed to LL. This past Saturday, he took her up in a small little plane, and popped the question. Now, before you ask if I am ok with this, the answer is YES. If LL has decided she wants to be stuck with Henry the 8th for the "rest" of her life, so be it. No skin off my nose.

Here is the part that gets me.

HeeHaw met LL at the end of last summer. Henry the 8th fell in love by Halloween and has proposed by February, and plans to tie the note in April. Let's do the math people. That is 9 months from meeting each other that they will be married.

Now, I know there are a lot of people who are able to meet and marry within a shorter amount of time and make it work. But, HeeHaw is NOT most people. Remember I was married to him for 13 years. I should know.

I'm sure most everyone thinks this is just me being the "bitter ex-wife"..... uh no. Henry has carefully crafted this veneer and LL has yet to see him stumble. I think it's SUPER great that Henry has found someone who will marry him, stick by him, and put up with him. I wish them well, I really do.

B-U-T don't expect me to be surprised when the "mighty" tumble. And it will happen. Henry went through many of these "transformations" while we were married. Henry has a very distinct pattern of behavior and he will only be able to hold it together for so long. 

I wish these two the best of luck. They are gonna need it.  


Crazy Mom of 2! said...

You are not a bitter ex-wife you are an experienced ex-wife!!!

Crazy Mom of 2! said...

Oh and what about the results from the other day?