February 24, 2011

Oh yes it's Ladies Night........

Oh what a night.......

Saturday, I had all the ladies over for some good food, great drinks, and a truck load of laughs!

I spent most of Saturday cleaning, shopping for food, prepping food and making my abode look and smell good. I made Jell-O shots (orange jell-o, Whipped Cream Vodka = Creamsicle shots) and some other yummies too!

The ladies started to arrive: carting in sleeping bags, pillows, libations & spirits, jammies and food. And more food. Oh wait, and a little more food!

Chicken Ranch Pizza (Jessica)
Bruschetta and Cajun Crab Dip (me)
Texas Caviar (CHB)
Bar-b-que Meatballs (Moxie)
Bacon Wrapped Peppers with Cream Cheese (Noma)
Nachos (Miss Em)

We ate, and ate, and ate. Oh yeah, and then we ate some more!
Crazy Noma

One good shot of me, one good shot of her!

We laughed until we cried, we gossiped and swapped stories, we ate, drank and were merry! After a few spicy beverages, I am no longer able to operate a camera properly. Sorry to CHB, Miss Em and Moxie who are not pictured, but they were there!

We were also missing 2 other ladies, who were out of town at the family cabin.

I had a great time! I loved having all my peeps over at my little place. When I drug myself out of bed the next morning, we had Frost Donuts which Miss Em brought, as well as Costco muffins, a gallon of coffee and some much needed Ibuprofen!

All in all, a successful night!

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