November 17, 2009

Why am I always the "nice" one? Why am I always the one to give in? Oh, I know why. Because somewhere in the back of my sick and twisted head I think that he will get a clue. Wait, too late for that. The roles are completely reversed now that I am out of the house. So weird....... I feel like if I say no than I am just being a bitch. While I don't mind the label, it gets old after a while when you hear it from the same person all the time. Why do I feel like if I were the one to make these requests that I would be told no? Yet I am supposed to "grant" him these wishes like I am "a genie in a bottle baby". In an effort to be the nice one and to be the bigger party I have now screwed myself. He will continue to think this is a good idea and continue to be SELFISH about it. Will I ever be able to cry "uncle"?
This is so not fair. I know I sound like a 3 year old but just bear with me ok? I would never in a million years think of putting my kids through any of this. Yet for him, it seems like he puts himself first and they come last, yet to hear it come from his mouth they are his top priority. Really? Is that why he is choosing to make the decisions he has been making? Is that why he keeps rubbing it in their faces and shoving it down their throat? Really? My heart hurts for them.


Lisa said...

I feel so bad for the kids. I wish he could keep that relationship to himself until they've been together for quite some time. He continually drags them through his ups and downs with the house and relationships. Do whatever you want with your time during your five days alone. Keep the kids out of it during the 5 days you have them! Be the grown-up! Jack ass!!

Saralee said...
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