November 13, 2009

So this weekend Doodle, CHB, PIA and I are off to camp with the rest of the Girl Scout troop this weekend. Thank goodness we are indoors in a cabin as the rain and the cold would definitely have made us change our minds about the Pacific Northwest in November: OUTDOORS!!!! Wish us luck!
I am glad I will be busy this weekend. Helps to keep the mind occupied and away from other thoughts. I hate that I have to think this way at all. I hate that I am the one still dealing with all this while he is free to do whatever he wants. The loop de loop is still there and I try to stay as busy as possible so I don't hear it as loud. I am disappointed in myself that at every opportunity to find out more info I take it. Why? I need to learn to walk away from it. At the same time that I want to know, I really don't. It makes me physically ill. So why do it? Well if you can answer that million dollar question I would be FOREVER in our debt.


Saralee said...

Thinking about YOU! Still praying! Keep on keeping on and keep the faith! Love YOU! ♥

Lisa said...

Don't forget about HOW!

Sorry about the other stuff. It really suck that he had to go and find someone in our circle and bring the kids with him!