November 22, 2009

Pow! Wham! Ka-Chow!

That is what it felt like today when I saw HER car there when we pulled in to the driveway. Lil C and Doodle had called ahead of time to grab some stuff and were given the all clear to come over. Seriously feels like I have been sucker punched in the stomach.
Had I known she would be there I never would have brought the chitlins over. They could have made do without. I am not sure how he thought that was ok or how he thought we all would react. I stayed in the car as I am not ready to face her.
I would have gone straight up to the door with the kids had they not told me when we pulled up that the car in the driveway was hers. Can you imagine? Hello, what are you doing here? In MY house, and with MY husband? Missing something? Your self respect? Either of you? She also had to know we were coming over? Did JA just want to see my response?
Then JA had to add fuel to the fire. Lil C was upset about the fact that I was struggling with it and he called his father. JA actually turned it around on Lil C and me! Are you f -ing kidding me? How damn selfish can you be? I know there is a brain in that head of his somewhere BUT I have trouble seeing that he is using it at all.


Lisa said...

I can "almost" work with all of the above, but what I can NOT work with is telling the kids that you are thinking of breaking up with "her" and getting back together with mommy, when you really aren't thinking of doing that. Some things are better left unsaid!

Saralee said...
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