November 24, 2009

As turkey day approaches, I find there are more emotional hurdles in front of me than I expected. This will be the first time in 12 years that I have not spent this day with my children and I am not sure how prepared I am to handle it. I feel a great sense of loss and sadness. Had a mini-meltdown in the shower today and I hope to be able to keep it together in front of the kids as I drop them off at their father's house tonight. I will not see them again until Sunday, which is not any different than usual, it's just with T-Day in the middle it feels like it might as well be a century.
I am so thankful to have somewhere to go so I that I don't spend this day alone. I am also thankful that SHE will not be with them on Thursday. That would just add more fuel to the fire I am sure. Please cross your fingers for the chitlins that they survive another obstacle put in front of them and that they come out stronger for it.


Saralee said...
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Saralee said...

We'll love them to death and we will definately miss YOU!

So glad SHE isn't coming here! I could NOT handle it!

(I deleted the above comment due to mispellings)