November 8, 2009

Who knew that in a 24 hour period it could all go crazy again? Seriously? I think I have been punked enough times in the last few months to last me a lifetime. Once I have dissected all this, I wonder where it will take me next. Each day brings something new. Who knew I could handle all this? And I would have never thought all the peeps could be hit by the same crazy train that I did. So,
I would like to thank the academy............
Crimefighter: You will survive this. It sucks but it is better to know now than later. If you need to draft any more emails, I am your gal.
CHB: I love that you are there for it all! Just knowing that you are there makes all the difference. Much love.
Spice Rack: Thanks for the different point of view. Always welcome. :)

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