January 19, 2012

Men: Need I say more?

Some interesting facts and observations about the men folk:

This happens all the time, but yesterday was particularly funny. While on the phone with CHB, PB comes marching up to me and starts a conversation. Like he didn't see the phone to my ear, and he didn't hear me talking. And you know what he had to say? ABSOLUTELY nothing of consequence. Nothing that couldn't have waited until I was OFF THE PHONE.

With the recent snowfall here, pics to come later, the SMALL MAN syndrome comes out in full force. Like the jerk off who was tailing me this morning. I was on the main drag here in town, about 4 blocks from my work. I was approaching a stoplight when this red Silverado truck comes barreling down on my bumper. Now, most "observant" drivers would see the light was red, and that I was tapping my brakes. Being safe and all, as there was ice showing through the snow and I had already slid at the previous intersection. So here I am, bracing myself for impact, he is that close, when he jerks the wheel to the left to get in the left turn lane. As he passes on my left he actually has his window rolled down to give me a dirty look. Really? Better safe than sorry I say. And I hope you run your precious red truck in to something. Hopefully that will teach you a lesson. Nobody is invincible from ice jackass.

When it comes to matters of the home, men know all. Or like to think they do. My favorite is when you say you are going to start a project, and not only do they NOT want to help you, the man will hover over you, give you "pointers" (always unwanted) and then tell you that you are doing it wrong, or they would have done it this way...... blah blah blah. How about instead, you offer help or my personal favorite? Stay out of it unless I ask for help!

I know I am missing some good ones here, but this was off the top of my head. What's your "favorite" men-ism?

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shrink on the couch said...

I have an entire post dedicated to a men-ism, the lack of figuring us into their lives at all unless it involves their stomachs or their, uh, manhood. Too much testosterone, too little oxytocin, is the clinical, lab results explanation.

Oh, and here's one from Mrs. Brightside, failure to replace my bath towel on laundry day. He replaces his own but not mine.