January 31, 2012

Let It Snow.......... or not?

2 weeks ago, our area was blasted with 5 days of snow and ice.
Ugh. That is my car underneath all of that snow........

Well, I had no snow boots, so I rocked my rain boots for a few days. Until, PB came home with these beauties, in my size!  
 So I decided to make the best of the snow, and make snow cones! I sent Doodle outside with a bowl. With instructions as to where to get the snow from, no yellow snow here!
 She filled it up with snow. We got out mugs, flavored syrup and spoons.
 MMMM, Strawberry was the popular choice!
Here is Doodle enjoying hers.
And Lil C enjoying his! They were a hit, and we will make sure to have these every time it snows!

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