January 18, 2012

Why I hate Religion........ part 2

Hopefully you had a chance to watch the video post from yesterday. If you have been keeping up with the Great Ear Piercing Debacle of 2011, I have some updates for you.

Once HeeHaw found out about the ear piercing, he literally/figuratively and totally flipped a lid. Lil C was upset, and as he continued to talk/text his father, things continued to get worse.

HeeHaw started out with being :disappointed" in me, for taking him to get it done. Well, since we are divorced, I could give two shits if he was disappointed in me or not. Sorry, that ass backwards line of reasoning doesn't work for me. (Although we all know he will keep trying to use that.)

Then it went in to HeeHaw letting Lil C know that he would have to take the earring out once he got back to his house. Lil C tried to reason with him. (chuckling to myself as that is not a possibility). Lil C tried using: "it's not like it's drugs, or a tattoo or something that is bad for me"........ those didn't work

Then Lil C tried the "once the piercings heal I can take the earrings out at your house Dad"..... but those fell on deaf ears as well. Doodle even got in to the mix when unbeknowst to me she texted HeeHaw to let him know she didn't agree with him, and he was being disrespectful to Lil C and she is on Lil C's side this time. WOW. Never saw that one coming.

HeeHaw responded to both children via text letting them know there would be MAJOR consequences when they got home and that this was the end of the discussion until then. MAJOR consequences? Give me a break.

24 hours later Lil C and Doodle are back at HeeHaw's house. This was of course after Lettuce Lady comes to pick up the children and Lil C refuses to go. Lil C said that if HeeHaw was not going to let him keep the earring, he wasn't going to his house until it healed. I told Lil C that he needed to go to his dad's, because not only is that the parenting plan we have in force, but Lil C is not going to get anywhere with HeeHaw by continuing to argue with him.

I checked in with the kids a coupe of hours later, wanting to know what the "MAJOR consequences" were and what had happened.

Per the chitlins, HeeHaw made a flip-flop decision yet again (shocked aren't you). He will allow Lil C to keep the earrings in, except when Lil C goes anywhere with HeeHaw and L.L. ANYWHERE. To the grocery store, to church, to go out to eat, when they have company over. You name it.

So, that was a long drawn out story to get to Why I hate Religion, part 2:

HeeHaw is SO concerned about what people in his church community think. He wants to impress the people who are ALREADY Christians. God forbid somebody think he is actually a "real" human being, dealing with "real" life issues. Please tell me what an ear piercing has to do with being un-Godly?

Is HeeHaw saying that if you have tattoos you are not welcome in the church? What about recovered alcoholics or drug addicts? Convicted murderers? Or how about the Saturday night drinkers and smokers that come to church on Sunday? Is there a difference? I thought according to the Bible those were ALL examples of sins.

What really pisses me off is this: when HeeHaw was married to me, broke his matrimonial vows on several occasions, drank in excess and came and went in his faith the WHOLE time we were married, but he is considered a good example of Christianity? Am I the only one who sees the issue with this?

The church that HeeHaw and L.L. go to recently asked them to lead the youth groups for the high school kids. I was in shock. This narrow minded man is going to lead young, impressionable kids on the "right" path? While continuing to be two-faced to everyone else? You have got to be kidding me.

This is why religion gets a bad name. In order to be an "acceptable" member of the church community you have to have your butt in church every Sunday, but who cares how you are, or where you are the rest of the week?

HeeHaw can portray his "Christian holiness" to everyone else, using his "Hypocrites Guide to the Universe" to show people how uuber religious he is. They can only see what HeeHaw shows them. I on the other hand, know better. You can't shove your faith down my throat when I know the evilness that lurks behind those eyes. When I continue to see it, hear it and live it from him.

No. I don't want any part of it. I don't have to go to church to believe in God. I choose to keep it real.

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