January 30, 2012

The Jackass Strikes Again..... and again......... and again

Shocked aren't you? Although at this rate, why you would be I'm not sure.

A couple of weeks ago, tickets to the Annual Father Daughter Dance went on sale. Doodle decided, under the advisement of her little friend, not to go. Doodle was told her friend wasn't going to the dance, and that HeeHaw, along with Doodle's friend and father would just go do a bowling night instead. Never mind that HeeHaw ignored that this was an ANNUAL tradition for he and Doodle. Never mind that he never bothered to pull Doodle aside and ask her if she really wanted to go, even if her friend didn't go. I knew in my heart of hearts that she wanted go. But, although I was sick to my stomach when I heard this, I knew I had to let her make the decision on her own.

So Friday night, right as I'm getting out of Zumba class, I see there are 4 missed calls from Doodle. I call her back and find out she DOES want to go to the dance, and how should she tell her dad?

I tell her to let HeeHaw know she wants to go, and to go online to get the tickets. She says she wants me to take her dress shopping and get her hair done. I told her I would love to do all of that, but that she needs to tell the jackass that that is what SHE wants. She needed to tell HeeHaw in her own words that she wants her MOTHER to take her, not her stepmother. We hang up and she now has a plan of action. I find it so sad that although Heehaw says he wants to hear what the children have to say and is a caring father, Doodle can’t even tell him that she wants to go to the dance….

The next day, my Doodle stopped by the house to get something (it was her weekend with dad) and she said that they still hadn't gotten the tickets, how she found a dress but HeeHaw wouldn't pay for it. He couldn't afford it. He then proceeds to tell her: "After the cost of the tickets, Doodle's dress, hair and shoes, going out to dinner and how HeeHaw needs a new shirt and tie, that is well over $100, and HeeHaw would rather put that towards her school trip to Washington DC this summer."

Are you freaking kidding me? Your pre-teen daughter is coming to you, asking you to take her, as you have for the last 4 years, and you are telling her that you would rather put that money towards her trip? Having heard this, I send HeeHaw the link to purchase dance tickets, and I tell his Royal Jackass-ness that I will pay for Doodle's dress, hair and accessories if he buys the dance tickets, which only cost $20.

That seems to go over well, and I tell Doodle I will head over to Macy's Sunday morning to try and find the dress she wanted since the dance is now less than a week away. Heehaw didn't want me to take Doodle with me to the store since they were busy ALL of Sunday. (Lettuce Lady was supposed to go to a jewelry party and HeeHaw wanted Doodle to go to, but she didn’t go.)

Since there was no picture of the dress, and nobody put it on hold, I had 3 sales associates helping me try and find it. We finally did, but it's the wrong size, and that was the only one left. Frustrated, I call Doodle and let her know. I tell her we will go shopping once she comes back from the sperm donors house on Wednesday NIGHT, less than 3 full days before the dance, and not to worry. We will find a wonderful dress.

2 hours later, I get a picture message from Doodle. I open it, to find a picture of her in a cute little dress. I asked her all sorts of questions about the dress. Where was it at? How much does it cost? Could HeeHaw pay for it, and swing by my house on his way home since it’s only a block out of his way, and I would give him cash for the dress?

HeeHaw took her shopping after all, most likely to make sure the dress was appropriate for his HIGH standards and to have the control, since he didn't approve of last years dress. But this my friends, is my favorite part. Hold on to your knickers because I'm about to blow you away!

Not only would HeeHaw not let me take Doodle dress shopping, he wouldn't pay for the dress because "he did that before and it didn't work out so well". So, they put the dress on hold, and I was going to have to make another trip out that day to buy the damn dress.

Guess how much it was??? $20. Yep, a whole $20 dollars. And he couldn't pay for his daughters dress? Who the fuck are you? You couldn't pay $20, come by my house, which is on your way home and whole 3 miles from where they bought the dress, to have me pay you back???? He can't pay $20 for the stinking dress but can send LL to a jewelry party to buy something? Anybody else see something wrong with this picture?

HeeHaw needed a new outfit for the dance. Are you kidding me? It’s not a grown up fashion show. I know several dads who wear the same thing every year, even one who wears jeans! HeeHaw seems to have a whole closet full of new clothes since LL arrived on the scene. It’s not about what you wear, it's about the memories you create with your daughter. Doodle doesn’t care what HeeHaw wears. She only cares that her daddy cared enough to take her and spend that special time with her.

Ugh. Seriously? Who has the bad track record of paying or reimbursing for things the kids need? That would be YOU jackass. Lets talk about the $400 some dollars you owe me right now. Still haven't seen a dime of that.

So, PB and I roll on out to the store to get the dress. PB is so mad he could spit nails. He refuses to let me pay for the dress, insisting he pay for it. That is sad. That MY boyfriend paid for Doodle's dress when her father wouldn't.

My current dilemma? Pay for dinner? Jackass Mother Fucker claims he doesn’t have enough money, after getting his new clothes and spending $20 on the tickets, to take Doodle out to dinner as has been their tradition. I want Doodle to have that special experience, but do I have to provide it all?

HeeHaw is a child. He has tarnished this dance for Doodle already, and the dance isn't even here yet. All because he is stupid, petty and self centered. Oh yeah, father of the year material for sure.

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