January 9, 2012

Bling-ed out 2012

It was Friday.

January 6th.

6:15 pm.

Claire's Boutique

Lil C, Doodle, and Alex (Lil C's emotional support) and I, all crammed around the little ear piercing station.

Lil C watched as a 9 month old and a 2 year old got their ears pierced. And a look of horror crossed his face.

The 2 year old was screaming. Her head off. Literally. Lil C turns to me and is like "Mom, is it going to hurt that bad? What if I can only make it through getting one ear pierced?"

I told him the decision was his, and he stuck to his guns.

Here is the "virginal" ear before:

Once in the chair, he had to wait for the tech to ring up the screaming little girls and their mom.

Here comes the gal with her purple marking pen. Lil C is telling her where to put them. I had to remind him that this gal was a "professional" and knew where to put the earrings at.

After his ears are dotted, Lil C gets a "final" chance to review placement before the earrings go in.

 Here comes the gun. And a wince.

Left ear, right ear, and we are done.

And one happy boy! Grinning from ear to ear!

The gal shows him how to clean his ears, and what to do to take care of his new "holes".

His little pink bag of goodies.

And the NEW Lil C!

Regrets? Nope. Well not yet anyway.

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