January 4, 2012

Celebrity Wife Swap

When I saw the preview for this show over the weekend I knew I wanted to see it.

I used to watch Wife Swap all the time. My favorite episode was from Season 3, episode 16. Seriously. But back to the topic at hand.

Last night was the debut of the Celebrity Wife Swap. Did you catch it? Well I did, and let me tell you...... the celebrities "featured" last night were Gary Busy and his fiance Stephanie and Ted and Gayle Haggard.

Now, I know all about Gary Busey. But, I guess I missed the boat on the whole gay masseuse scandal with Ted Haggard.

So, the "wives" swap places. The first thing I notice is that Gary Busey is basically an overgrown kid. Which can be great, being he has a very young son, but for every day? Stephanie has her hands full.

Gayle Haggard blew me away. What a classy woman. WOW. She not only listened to Gary's rantings and off the wall comments, she was super respectful of the differences in their religions.

Stephanie was also great with Ted Haggard and the kids. She was also very respectful of the religious way that the Haggards were raising their children.

Towards the end, I had a great amount of awe and respect for Stephanie. She has to put up with Gary day in and day out. I would need to be drugged or drunk to do that. Honestly. He is a handful.

I can not wait to see who is next! I saw the previews for more episodes and the one I think I am most interested to watch is the Flavor Flav one..... that is going to be interesting!

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