January 2, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it............

Over the past 4 days, HeeHaw and I have been in a war of the words. Shocked aren't you?

Let me back up 2 years:

When HeeHaw and I went to court, with our temporary, proposed and FINAL Parenting Plan, we had been operating under the conditions we brought forth to the courts for a year already.

Shortly after the FINAL draft was checked, double checked, approved by the court, signed, sealed and delivered, HeeHaw wanted to "swap" the days we had. I went along with it, because neither of us were missing out on anything, and the kids were open to it.

There have been a few times that we have verbally, or through email, changed the schedule........ swapping a weekend here and there. Coordinating the summer or winter break schedule.

HeeHaw has asked several times for a change to the schedule, usually depending on which girl was in his life at the time, and what would be most convenient for them.

Most of the time, I went along with the changes. There was only once that I can remember refusing to adopt his newest plan.

So, 2 weeks ago, HeeHaw sent me a proposed schedule change for the remainder of the holiday break, as well as the month of January. I agreed, after several emails back and forth.

The children were headed back to his house on the 30th, to return to me at 6pm on the first on January. When I texted HeeHaw a few days before the 30th to double check what time on Sunday I was to pick them up, the began.

HeeHaw wanted to change the schedule YET AGAIN. At first I was honest to goodness in shock........ but then the clouds parted and I remembered. I had saved all the emails, text messages, changes to the schedule and updated calendars.

I had HIS words, the calendar HE sent me in his own handwriting, and the ENTIRE email trail. I was not rude, degrading, hostile or mean in any of those emails. But, I was firm. Extremely firm.

I was NOT going to back down when I knew I was right. When I had all the facts to back me up. And I was most definitely not going to give up my time with the children because HeeHaw made a mistake, or forgot the schedule that he sent me.

HE was the one who asked ME to change the plan. HE is the one who sent me 6 weeks of a REVISED schedule. So why, please tell me, and I the crazy one?

Well, I let it be known that I would be there Sunday to pick the kids up at 6. Unless he would like to keep the kids until 8, which I offered SEVERAL times. HeeHaw made a huge scene when he came to get the kids, which pissed me off. Poor Doodle is such the peacemaker and HE put her in the middle again.

Fast forward a day, and the emails start to roll in again. Wait for it............

"This will be the last email you will get directly from me. All future talks or emails will be done with Lettuce Lady and you."

Are you fucking kidding me? Who are the parents of these children? Uhm that would be me and you jackass. But to take this ridiculousness to a whole new level? HeeHaw and LL have set up a new email. They would like all future correspondence to go there, because jackass thinks I will be "more civil" that way.

Well, you can bet your ass I am not sending ANYTHING to that new email. If we honestly have to go through this shit all over again, and I have to ONCE AGAIN remind both HeeHaw and LL of who the responsible parties are for these children?

I won't know, nor will I in the foreseeable future, direct all my concerns, emails, schedule changes or life decisions about my children to HeeHaw;s wife. mark my words.

I am done being walked on. I am done being told them I am not good enough as the mother of these children. I am done being told that I am a bitch because I refuse to let HeeHaw walk all over me.

The gloves are off. Well, for the most part. Since I do most of my communicating via email, or text, I can keep records of everything. That means I also have to be careful what I say.

I have this gut feeling that something is coming down the pipeline very soon from HeeHaw. I am not sure if it going to be a change to the Child Support amount, or a change in who has the kids when. I just know that it feels like we are prepping for battle. Ugh.

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